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Mark Denning

RTA Group, LLC


Mark is a financial consultant and expert who advises business owners, CEOs, CFOs, bankers, attorneys, tax CPAs, and financial planners about the financial strategies, health, and financial systems of businesses. His development of business models and use of forecasting & budgeting systems has solidified his thorough and efficient approach to financially evaluating and managing companies.

His 30+ years of accounting, financial, business, and consulting experience have established his credibility among his clients and peers. Mark shows people how to make a financial difference in their business. How to move their company toward profitability and positive cashflow. He has helped many people in many businesses and industries. His mission is to expand business owner, investor, banker, CEO, CFO, and operational manager access to dynamic financial management and decision-making tools.

He was prompted to write his book as a way to share his methodology, tools, and ideas on how to financially manage businesses, proactively.