Big Announcement: We Made the List!

fastest growing companies

RTA Group was JUST ranked one of 2021’s Fastest Growing Companies in Sacramento by the Sacramento Business Journal! We need a minute to catch our breath; we’re so excited!

Here are the details while we get our act together: 

Every year, the Sac Business Journal researches companies in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, or Yolo counties to compile their list of 50 Fastest Growing Companies in the area. They then base their list results on percentage growth for the previous two years (in this case, 2018-2020). RTA Group ranked 12th with a growth increase of 139%!

Shout out to our incredible clients

Since 2006, our clients have been at the heart of our company. Our primary mission has always been to help our clients maximize their resources, overcome financial challenges, and give them the support they need to be strong competitors in their industries. 

But even beyond that, our success as a company is highly determined by our relationships with our clients. With so many companies going online, it sometimes feels like relationships in business are a thing of the past. But for RTA Group, our clients are family. We believe a significant reason for our growth is the loyalty and trust we have built with our clients. We do this by having mutual goals, open communication, meeting deadlines, and connecting on a personal level.

We are only as good as our employees (and they’re great)

Navigating the pandemic as a business is TOUGH, but we have to give credit where credit is due: to our employees. Our team hasn’t skipped a beat. We stay connected, support each other, and continue to go above and beyond for our clients. 

We are so grateful for our clients, staff, and everyone else who has supported our business over the years. We know that with growth comes challenges. But as a company that helps businesses grow, we know what it takes to overcome obstacles and plan for a prosperous future. Our leadership team consists of former seasoned executives who are experts in achieving financial efficiency, increased cash flow, strategic growth, and long-term stability. It’s what we do! 

Do you want to maximize your profits, develop growth strategies, transition seamlessly through an acquisition, or get advice on your cash flow management? If so, contact us to get a FREE consultation today!  Let us become an extension of your team!

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